At Blackbird Creek Farms, we strive to produce the highest quality CBD oil products at an affordable price. To achieve this goal, we test multiple times throughout the growing season to bottling process to guarantee compliance, quality and safety. All of our CBD products have been made with our Blackbird Creek Farms CBD oil which has been 3rd party tested with Certificates of Analysis (COA) starting with plant and soil testing to CBD oil testing before it is bottled and shipped from our farm to your home.

Blackbird Creek Farms – Hemp to CBD

Blackbird Creek Farms take great pride in farming and producing the purest, organic hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) available. We employ the highest standards for quality and the best scientific practices to deliver premium hemp products.

We are compliant with all state and federal guidelines and our farm adheres to superior growing practices to ensure the very best quality products.

Grown in New Castle Delaware, licensed by the DE Department of Agriculture and in accordance with section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill. Our plants are grown organically, non-GMO, harvested and trimmed by hand, processed into CBD oil with the preferred CO2 extraction and then manufactured in FDA compliant facilities. Each batch is 3rd party tested to ensure the highest purity, quality and consistency.


Blackbird Creek Farms pride ourselves in the quality and purity of our hemp derived CBD and we want to you to be confident that you are using the best full spectrum CBD oil available. Our oil is tested from field grown plant to product. First, it is tested at the farm to ensure it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill in terms of THC content of less than .3%. It is also tested for pathogens at that time. Following testing and approval our oil is then manufactured in an FDA registered, food grade facility into our health and wellness CBD products.


Terpenes are the organic essential oils that are found in plants that give them distinct aromas. Pine trees and citrus have high terpene counts as does lavender that is why they are so fragrant. Terpenes are very profound in cannabis as well. Terpenes are believed to provide more than just great aroma but also robust flavor to a plant. Many experts also believe Cannabis provide medicinal value.

There are more than 200 terpenes that have been identified in hemp. Only 60 of them have been studied for their potential medicinal benefits. The highest concentrations of terpenes are found in the leaves and flowers  of the hemp plant and that is why whole plant extraction is preferred. These terpenes are essential and the root of the calming or energizing effects of our full spectrum CBD oil.

Blackbird Creek Farms – Not all Hemp is Created Equal

The demand and interest for domestically grown hemp is on the rise because of its superior quality. As consumers become more informed about what produces  medicinal quality CBD oil, they also want to know that it comes from a trusted source. You can be assured that our Blackbird Creek Farms full spectrum oil comes from our farm, it is not sourced from across the country or internationally like many other CBD suppliers and manufacturers.

As the CBD industry grows and the demand for CBD continues to grow, so will the synthetic forms of CBD coming into the market from overseas and even domestic suppliers. Consumers need to be aware of where their CBD comes from to ensure it is clean and not laden with chemicals or manufactured with unhealthy practices. You can feel confident of where your Blackbird Creek Farms CBD comes from, we maintain total control of our products from the field to the packaged bottle. From our Farm to Your Home.


Hemp products are legal to ship to all 50 US states and more than 40 countries worldwide as long as it has very low THC. It has no psychoactive properties so it cannot cause a high but is becoming known as a super-food. In 2003 the US Department of Health and Human Services secured a patent stating that some of the cannabinoids found in hemp are “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”

Some people are confused over the legality of hemp, because hemp requires a growing/producers license and not available for general farming like wheat, corn and soy. Until 2014, only imported hemp was federally legal in the US. There are still an abundance of hemp products imported into the United States each year from China, Canada and Europe.

With the 2018 Farm bill many states are allowing farmers to grow, cultivate, process and market hemp with a license and university aligned application process. Working thru their state departments of agriculture and in coordination with their state universities these research projects ensure state and federal compliance.

Blackbird Creek Farms is a fully licensed and approved hemp farm able to grow, process and market CBD and hemp products by the state of Delaware in coordination with the Delaware State University in Dover DE.


Our full spectrum CBD oil is extracted using a super critical CO2 extraction method into a crude extract oil which is then mixed directly with MCT oil as the carrier oil. CO2 extraction is the cleanest and most expensive method of processing hemp into oil. It offers the highest quality and potency avoiding stripping the essential and beneficial terpenes and other plant extracts.

COA Certificate of Analysis

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