Is CBD Beneficial To Pets?

The benefits of CBD oil are widely available to people of all ages. One question (Is CBD Beneficial To Pets?) that comes up quite often is if CBD oil has many benefits for your pet. We believe that CBD oil is beneficial to your cats and dogs, and that is why we make two products specifically geared towards their needs.

Giving your cats and dogs CBD oil is very easy. It can be much better for them than other more traditional models of handling illness, sickness, and other ailments. In this guide, we will try to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about CBD oil for your four-legged friends. 

Why Would You Give CBD to A Cat Or Dog? 

There are a few reasons why people give CBD oil to their pets. Your reasons may vary slightly, but these are the most common we see. 

  • Your pet has a common ailment that takes an expensive or harsh medication to help fix, CBD oil is a more natural way to help your pet feel better.
  • You are a believer and user of CBD products and feel as though the benefits have changed your life, and you would like to see them help your pet.
  • You have tried medications for your cat or dog that don’t seem to be effective, and you are left looking for alternative solutions. 

What Are The Benefits of Giving CBD Oil To Your Pets?

The benefits will vary widely from one cat or dog to the next. The three primary areas that we focus on with our products are anxiety, pain, and inflammation. 

  • Anxiety: If you have anxious dog chances are you have a challenging time leaving them or having new people come to the house. Dogs that struggle with anxiety have a terrible time with new things or changes or routine. This is precisely what happens to people with anxiety. CBD Products are known for helping to decrease stress, and they can have that effect on animals as well. Although anxiety happens in many cats as well, you will notice it most often in dogs. 

  • Pain: Is your pet older? Do they look like they struggle to move from one room to the next? We can all relate to what it feels like to get older, and it can be painful at times. Putting your pet on pain medication may not be an option, and it may have harsh side effects. 

  • Anti Inflammatory: Inflammation can be a result of many different cats’ and dogs’ struggle, and CBD oil does a great job of helping. 

How Do I Give CBD Oil To My Pets? 

We’ve made this part easy for you. For dogs, we developed a dog treat made of all-natural ingredients that your dog will enjoy eating. For cats, we created an oil that you can add a drop of when you are giving your cat their favorite treat. Getting your animal to enjoy the treats or the oil will not be difficult.

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