CBD For Inflammation

CBD For Inflammation:

Inflammation is a response from your immune system signaling there is a problem, a cut, a sore, muscle pain, which causes a chain of physical reactions. Your immune system responds by releasing hormones that cause blood vessels to dilate/expand. The blood vessel dilation allows inflammatory cells to move to the site of injury allowing the healing process to begin. The inflammation cells create a chemical reaction around the nerves of the injury alerting your brain of pain. These are all good responses but what if the inflammation chemicals and signals never turn off?

Think of inflammation as the heater in your house. If it burns too hot eventually you will overheat, if it shuts down you will freeze. Painful inflammation as a result of an immune system response becomes a major issue whenever your bodily response system becomes out of balance. Thankfully, in various studies, CBD oil shows promising results for restoring balance and reducing pain associated with inflammation.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is really a broad term that is directly connected to many long-term diseases. For most, the diseases that occur as a result of inflammation carry much more familiar names. Examples of these diseases are asthma, arthritis, ulcers, and Crohn’s disease.

These conditions are all examples of what is known as chronic inflammatory diseases. In particular, arthritis plagues nearly 23% of all adults and creates nearly a hundred and forty billion in medical costs every year. CBD oil provides a natural, organic, and more cost-effective treatment opportunity for chronic inflammatory diseases.

How CBD Oil Work’s On Inflammation

CBD Oil works as an Antioxidant

One of the primary mechanisms that CBD oil employs to fight inflammation is through the reduction of oxidative stress. The interaction of CBD oil with CB1 and CB2 receptors also indicates its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

There have been many studies exploring how cannabidiol present in CBD oil works to inhibit oxidative stress. The most spectacular implication of these studies is that CBD oil is not only an anti-inflammatory but can also benefit many conditions associated with oxidation..

CBD Oil as an Immunosuppressant

Because the immune system causes inflammation within the body, finding a way to balance it and prevent it from being overactive is important. A significant study “Immune Responses Regulated by Cannabidiolprovides extensive information on the benefits of CBD and fighting inflammation. The results were very clear that CBD oil was effective in suppressing the immune system from overreacting and targeting areas of the body, therefore keeping the required balance necessary for reducing inflammation and maintaining a healthy body.


How To Use CBD Oil For Inflammation

Taking CBD Oil Orally

If you intend to use CBD oil to improve your quality of life and reduce inflammation, then taking it orally is a great choice. This method works great when using CBD oil to treat inflammation associated with can also benefit many conditions associated with oxidation. Blackbird Creek Farm’s 500 mg, Vanilla flavored CBD oil is a perfect anti-inflammatory all body product.

CBD Oil Balms and Topicals

If you are seeking to use CBD oil to help with arthritis, then considering the use of a CBD oil balm for topical application could be the best option. This will help administer the cannabidiol directly to the local area of inflammation. Try our lovely Lavender scented Pain Balm or Jasmine topical oil applied to our Lava Bead bracelet.

When it comes to choosing the right CBD oil Quality Matters.

Blackbird Creek Farms produces the very best, premium, organic, full-spectrum CBD oil products. Our oil is third-party tested and CO2 extracted, made from non-GMO, medicinal grade hemp grown on our farm. We ensure our CBD products have been created to provide you with all the natural, high potency benefits CBD has to offer. You can be confident in knowing where and how your Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products are made, with 100% control of growing, harvesting, and formulating our CBD products, they come directly from our farm to your home.

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