CBD For Bones

Osteoporosis is a painful, potentially life-threatening disorder diagnosed when bone density has decreased. Essentially, more bone is being lost than being generated, making bones fragile and more susceptible to fracture. For some, this process begins as early as the age of 20.

Our hormones determine much of our bone strength and density. For example, with females, estrogen levels decline after menopause. Estrogen helps to protect the integrity of bones. A decline in estrogen is why many women in their 40’s and 50’s are susceptible to developing osteopenia and osteoporosis. In fact, 33% of women, and 20% of men over 50 will experience a fracture caused by osteoporosis within their lifetime.

Easing feelings of depression and anxiety, all while acting as a potent anti-inflammatory. It would seem every day there is a new article in the media supporting the usage of k, including supporting healthy bone growth.

What Causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the depletion of bone matter at a rate faster than it can be generated. This process can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common cause is the disfunction of hormones that regulate bone growth. As men and women age, hormones start to deplete and then special cells known as osteoblast and osteoclasts start to malfunction. This is where CBD comes in to help with osteoporosis.

How CBD Oil helps

CB2 Receptors

The previously mentioned special cells—osteoblasts and osteoclasts—are controlled through CB2 receptors and the endocannabinoid system. Our body’s endocannabinoid system regulates bone loss.  When your body starts to age, the endocannabinoid system may not be generating enough endocannabinoids to regulate the cells. According to a study posted in Current Neuropharmacology, the use of CBD oil can introduce these powerful compounds back into the body. This means that your bone growth decay can be arrest and regulate to return to a more normal function.

CBD also blocks an enzyme called FAAH. FAAH breaks down your body’s naturally produced cannabinoids. If we block FAAH, we increase the activity of our endocannabinoid system. Increasing our endocannabinoid system improves and sustains new bone growth and healing

CBD Plus A Healthy Lifestyle

Combined with a healthy lifestyle you can improve your overall body wellness. Consider these lifestyle changes if you suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis.

  1. Eat a healthy diet, limit grains, starches, and dairy products. Emphasize foods naturally high in absorbable calcium such as vegetables.
  2. Supplement with vitamin D3 or get some sunshine. 
  3. Carry out weight-bearing exercise. Weight training is a proven way to increase bone density.
  4. Have your hormone levels checked, always seek the root cause of bone loss? 
  5. Have urinary bone reabsorption markers measured (NTX, CTX, DPD)? 
  6. Stop smoking and using nicotine. Nicotine and tobacco will cause mass destruction of the blood vessels in your bones. Tobacco usage also results in poor and decreased healing ability.
  7. Limit alcohol intake.  

When it comes to choosing the right CBD oil, Quality Matters.

Blackbird Creek Farms produces premium, organic, full-spectrum CBD oil made only from Blackbird Creek Farm’s hemp, grown on our farm in Delaware. Our oil is a third-party test and CO2 extract from our medicinal grade, non-GMO hemp. We ensure our CBD products are created to provide you with all the natural, high potency benefits CBD has to offer. You can be confident in knowing where and how your Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products are made, with 100% control of growing, harvesting, and formulating, they come directly from our farm to your home.

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