CBD For Bones

Osteoporosis is a painful, potentially life-threatening disorder diagnosed when bone density has decreased. Essentially, more bone is being lost than being generated, making bones fragile and more susceptible to fracture. For some, this process begins as early as the age of 20. Our hormones determine much of our bone strength and density. For example, with

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CBD For Pain

CBD For Pain: How & Why It Works Struggling with pain? You are not alone. An estimated 50 million adults in the U.S. had chronic pain in 2016. Nearly 20 million had high-impact chronic pain. Here are some explanations on how the body perceives pain and why many people are turning to CBD for pain

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CBD For Inflammation

CBD For Inflammation: Inflammation is a response from your immune system signaling there is a problem, a cut, a sore, muscle pain, which causes a chain of physical reactions. Your immune system responds by releasing hormones that cause blood vessels to dilate/expand. The blood vessel dilation allows inflammatory cells to move to the site of

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CBD For Headache

CBD For Headache: Experiencing chronic migraines or tension headaches can feel like quite an isolating experience as it’s hard to believe that anyone can comprehend the pain that you’re going through(CBD For Headache). Surprisingly, however, you’re far from alone as about 38 million Americans experience migraines from time to time, accounting for about 13 percent

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