Blackbird Creek Farms Mission Statement

Blackbird Creek Farms mission is to help as many people enjoy a healthy and wellness focused lifestyle enjoying our premium, organic CBD products, direct From Our Farm to Your Home.

Blackbird Creek Farms, is a small, boutique, Family Farm in Delaware. It is a peaceful and tranquil setting on 70 acres of mature oak and maple trees surrounded by the Blackbird Creek, a tributary to the Delaware River.

Our team is dedicated to growing, harvesting and creating the very best CBD products available on the market today. We plant 5-10k Berry Blossom, Cherry Citrus and Cherry B Hemp clones each year.

They are organically fed and nourished by our Partner, Bill Skerrett, 30 year soil and fertilizer expert. Bill owns and runs a thriving organic fertilizer business, ICT Organics, in Baltimore MD. Our Grow Manager Tom O’Regan, is a cannabis industry expert and enthusiast, he watches over our girl plants throughout the growing season.

Many of our family members and friends help make our Hemp farm a success. Our CTO, Matthew Solimeo, a website and design expert keeps our business moving forward technically. Our Owner and Partner Terry Solimeo brings 20+ years of sales, marketing and executive experience to our business and oversees the day to day operations. Terry and Tom also head up our direct sales affiliate program that invites business minded people that share our passion to join our team as self-employed associates to introduce others to all the health and wellness benefits of our Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products.

Terry, Bill and the team are dedicated to providing the very best CBD products from our farm grown CBD plants. We organically grow and hand harvest the hemp flowers that are then dried and processed into CBD oil. The oil is then formulated into our many healing CBD products from Pain and Wellness products to Pet Care products for cats, dogs and horses.

From Our Farm to Your Home – What does this mean and what makes Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products Unique?

Most hemp sites/sellers buy their hemp products from multiple brokers and manufacturers who buy from many different farms across the country so the quality and consistency can never be guaranteed.

Blackbird Creek Farms  maintains 100% control of all of our CBD products from the beginning with planting our clones, growing organically, harvesting, drying and trimming by hand to the end with packaging our CBD products to be shipped directly to your home from our farm.

Giving Back

Each year our board selects a cause or charity that Blackbird Creek Farms supports thru donations in the farm’s name. Transitioning Warriors has been one of the non-profits that we have supported in the past, they are a Veteran support organization helping returning vets make the transition back to civilian life thru employment readiness and social services and support.

Our farm is a beautiful place, filled with a community of many natural elements, dragon flies, butterflies, snapping turtles, barn and screech owls and of course, thousands and thousands of blackbirds from where  our name originated. Everything we do is done with positive energy, passion and love. We hope you love and enjoy our fresh, organic Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products as much as we loved growing and making them for you, From Our Farm to Your Home..  

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