A Passion for Healing and Green Results

therefore Blackbird Creek Farms in New Castle, DE, our business rests on a vibrant model of ecological beauty and organic fulfillment. We’re not just saying that – when you look at what goes on here (Green Results), you can see the ways in which our hemp production works within our biome to create sustainable products and promote great ecological business principles. 


One principal is biodiversity, which is in play on our farm in a big way. 

Here’s how we put it on the landing site, just to give you a flavor of what we’re about here:

“We invited many diverse natural elements to our farm from dragonflies, butterflies, and snapping turtles to the barn and screech owls and, of course, thousands and thousands of blackbirds.” 

That’s only the beginning of the story of our biodiversity and how we approach the earth, but this is an incredibly important part of what we do. 

Committing to 100% Custody


Here’s another part of how our business sustains Green Results itself and provides value to customers.

We promise a 100% custody chain for all of the processes related to bringing these products to market. It leaves nothing to chance or to outside vendors who might not have the same high standards that we do.

Here’s the thing: it’s often relatively easy to outsource things. It may even save a couple of cents. But committing to 100% custody has value, value that you may not see at the point of sale, but a value that is evident when you look at the business from a bird’s eye view. 

CBD Oil Products

Our CBD Oil products are formulated with our Blackbird Creek Farms CBD oil processed from our farm-grown hemp biomass Green Results. The oil is extracted using the preferred CO2 extraction processing which ensures, high potency and high terpenes for the very best CDB oil. Each batch of CBD oil is 3rd party tested to ensure quality and potency, meeting all state and federal guidelines,

We only use natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients Therefore MTC oil, shea butter, moisturizers, vitamins, and essential oils for fragrance. We add proprietary terpene blends to increase the natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties of our full-spectrum CBD oils.

Quality matters, and with Blackbird Creek Farms CBD products you never have to worry. Where the CBD oil comes from and if the ingredients are natural and safe. All of our CBD oil products are made with you in mind from our farm to your home. We know you will see the results of the love and care we put into each bottle.

Smokable Hemp Products

Our smokable hemp products are unique in several ways. Explore our site to read more about our foray into growing Berry Blossom and Cherry B Hemp clones. How that progressed into our current strains of hemp for the CBD products that you can rely on. 

Listen, CBD is valuable in terms of health and wellness. Everybody’s looking everywhere for the best products. When you look at how our farm works, you won’t have to look any longer. 

Farm-to-consumer is a direct model that is catching on. We’re ahead of the curve. Let us know how we can provide you with organically, grown, and locally produce hemp supplies so that you know where your stuff is coming from.

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